The un-done wedding bouquet

From my time photographing weddings all over, of all kinds, I have a thing or two to say about flowers.

The image above I took on my Canon 1v using the 50mm 1.2 and fuji 400 . All images below were shot on my mamiya 645 and fuji 400 Pro film stock .

Too many brides overlook the importance of beautiful flowers

and make the error of choosing something traditional or inexpensive. So often in the uk I have seen dated bouquets and floralarrangements that look like they are out of the 1990’s or 80’s ! Even if you opt to do them yourself with plenty of practice, flowers are worth the investment and can be the most mesmerising part of your wedding design. Whats more important is that your florist has artistry. If you have to save money here, a good florist will come up with using more foliage than blooms.

Beware the unimaginative florist who steers you towards a tight bunch of ordinary roses or, worse still, bunches of Gypsophila

in the interests of accommodating a tight budget. As much as with photography, research will pay off. Look at styles you like – note down the colours you warm to and the names of plants. Don’t be afraid of foliage – a bunch of silvery-grey eucalyptus can be stunning just on its own, or with touches of white flowers within it. Just as your photographer should be, the right florist will work with you to realise your vision and advise you in their field of expertise. Make a careful note of the costs, including any charges associated with hiring vases, stands or hanging baskets. Investing in quality over quantity always pays off. One great tip is: don’t overdress a church or venue at the expense of beautiful bouquets for you and your bridesmaids.


I took the top  image whilst working with some of my favourite people in the wedding industry

at one of the most beautiful venues ever: Thyme Barn .(where Kate Moss got married)

My friend and colleague Jessie Thomson styled the image above and Rachel from The Rose Shed created this gorgeous bouquet. Infact she made all the bouquets in the images in this post except for the Pink and white bouquet, Im not sure who made those!

. This kind of floristry involves being a real artist, using quality flowers and being able to arrange a beautifully un-done bouquet or table arrangement whilst also being able to do structured bouquets beautifully too! Thats how you’ll know you have a good one! If they can do ‘un-done’ well then you can be sure that they can do structured even more beautifully.

This is how I’d present flowers at the table , at events & at weddings. A few tips for brides below and all you wonderful creative women, let me introduce you to my world of floristry… how it should be done!