The type of creativity I believe in


The kind of creativity I believe in

The type of creativity that is honest.

The kind of creativity that is imperfect.

 “The women I really admire are the ones you feel your getting something truthful from…. I’m very interested in truth, to find ways of being messy and unsure and flawed and incredible and my fullest self…. when you watch someone like Emma Thompson at work, you feel like your seeing something true and I aspire to that.” Emma Watson

This is the kind of ‘un-done’ art I’m always talking about.

When you see truth , something real, something vulnerable- and thats why I talk about having feelings and allowing yourself to feel is a strength. In drama we’re taught how to be vulnerable in a second and its hard. It is the hardest thing to let anyone see something real in you. ‘the window to the soul’ my principal at drama school called it! This is what I mean by beautifully imperfect.

Thats why film photography fits into the imperfection I love about art

Its depth is unparalleled , its beautiful and yet its so imperfect. And film is always timeless. Its not plastic like digital can be. And as far as I’m concerned painting should be real. You should loose yourself. Anything placed, or planned is likely going to be stade and lifeless. I never stayed inside the lines in my colouring books .Equally with music. Compare Joni Mitchell’s early edition of ‘both sides. now’ to her later more grounded version, both beautiful, but the second has another kind of power. Its pace, its story, something behind the words. thats something else!

So when I was applying my creativity to building my business and blog I made sure that everything I write comes from somewhere honest. That every image has an element of that beautiful imperfection and that when I’m recording a video I’m not placing my words, that I am being very much real.

After all thats human.

Also note to self about perfectionism… don’t do what I did and spend a year trying to make every last detail perfect. Real art is anything but. I could have launched my blog ages ago!