Why film photography?

This post I felt I had to write. I shoot both digital and film  so you will see quite a mix on the blog. I always get asked why do I shoot film.

I mean its so expensive so why? The image above is a perfect example of how amazing the colours and skin tones can be with film.

Iv gone through some main reasons why I love shooting film. Done well you can actually shoot some film and match your digital files to them in post production but you’ll never have an exact match because film is so much more advanced in its depth and its luminous colour and detail.

You need to understand a few things about when its good to use digital and when its good to use film. We can cover that another time. For now here are a few reasons why film is amazing!

Film is unique

Here in the uk currently less than 5% of us shoot film so its very unique to have a film photographer!

Film is Stunning

Film has the most stunning editorial aesthetic and depth to it, which is unmatched in digital no matter how much they improve technology. (digital is flat in comparison) It has a certain texture, elegance, luminosity and tone to it created by a chemical reaction instead of the colour filters and pixels that build a digital image.
Film makes for a beautifully soft editorial style which is perfect for your fine art portraits.
The way it delicately handles light, colour and depth really does have an unparalleled sophistication and beauty to it. Its so easy to fall in love with!

Film is timeless

These images will not date. You can’t be in danger of over editing, or adding vintage looking film presets onto your images. Film is film so it will look like film. It’s the real deal after all! These images will last a lifetime and beyond.

Film makes you look amazing!

The softness of film makes it very forgiving on our features, the way it handles light and shadows. It is very soft with its smooth and flattering tones, and handled with a shallow depth of field, it acts as a filter, so flawless skin all the way!

Film is tangible

Yes film encourages the tangible print you hold in your hand, but the way it works is that the lab will scan it into a digital file, so you can have all your images on USB ready to share online too!

Film is sophisticated

Film is continuous in terms of colour and records an infinite range of colours .
The way it handles exposure means that we can create beautiful light soft colour palettes yet retaining the beautiful detail in your white dress . (Which digital is more prone to loosing)

Less like Paparazzi

Film pace is slower and less intimidating for some!

Film is great for continuity

Film has a consistent aesthetic so it is fantastic for visual continuity. You’re images work together as a collection. They will feel like a beautiful series of paintings, one leading into the next, boasting a continuity in style, colour and tone. Perfect for displaying next to each other on your wall or in your album! When I shoot digital alongside film, I am shooting with presentation in mind and how your images will look in an album or on the wall. The film scans also inspire, influence and inform my editing. They then work beautifully together as a more crafted visual story for my clients

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