Y O U R   B E S P O K E    P H O T O G R A P H Y    C O U R S E

private photography & business mentoring


M E E T   K A T I E

T H E     W O M A N S    P H O T O G R A P H E R

A focused 1 to 1 session, tailored to suit you.


Katie is an international photographer specialising in women. Also Known as 'The Womans Photographer' Katie's business was the first of its kind, working with women in a concentrated bespoke way soon led to bigger commissions from large organisation commercial work to weddings abroad in stunning locations. Katie has worked with top photographers from around the world and uses her knowledge to share with her  growing following.   Her creative use of social media, network marketing and consistency in her signature style has been key for her business growth and she wants to share her methods with talented individuals who want some guidance and help in specific areas.

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My aim is to give a top quality tuition on my private courses to both beginners and professionals. I dont believe in compromise when it comes to education. I educated myself no end by reading and attending courses, It is something I did not skimp on. Knowlege is Power afterall! That is why quality beats quantity for me, so I will be taking on just a few students per month so I can give them my all. Please read through the course information below before you apply.

T H E     C O U R S E


To me , the beauty of working with a student one to one means you can achieve more focused results.   I can only take a limited amount of people, and this means I can give a better quality tuition as I am not bringing in large numbers of students every month. Busy work commitments also mean I will only have the time to take on a select few.I have always wanted to teach and share and I want to work with individuals I know have the potential to do great work! I will be asking for you to apply by sending your portfolio along with a paragraph about you and why you want to train with me. I am not here to judge. Infact quite the opposite, I want you to realise what you CAN do! I want to be a source of support and confidence for you. 


Im looking for talented individuals who know my work, so they know how I can help them . For example I am a natural light photographer, so dont come to me expecting to learn studio lighting! 


I will help you work through your blocks and help you to find solutions whether it be through improving your technique or developing your approach to your business. I want you to discover an understanding of how you can channel your strengths to move your business forward and achieve your goals.



I want you to leave my sessions with a positive ' I CAN' mentality and be inspired to take action. We all come across blocks, whether its in frustration that we cant achieve the look we are going for, or why on earth we cant find the clients who we really want to work with. Through making mistakes, being forward thinking, and trial and error, I have gained a lot of experience on not only how to further your career as an artist and make a living by doing what you love but also on building a recognisable brand internationally. There is nothing dated about what I will be teaching. I want to challenge you to step up and make those changes, and be open to what our modern world has to offer us. Anything is possible.


Most of all I want you to be relaxed. Whether you want me to go through your website and busines with you or you want to spend half the day out shooting, or both, we work selectively keeping it simple, so you leave with some clarity in your mind about what actions you need to take. 


Im happy to take on all levels of photographers from beginners, to professionals.  You may also find that we cover more ground than you would do in a group situation as we are entirely focused on you and your needs. Please use me as an open book in your session I will share with you everything I know.

Areas you might  want to cover in our sessions 

- Your Website & Blog

-Setting up your business from day 1 - your check list (including all the boring legal stuff- advice & sources) 

- Dealing with clients & Enquiries

-Pricing yourself

-Social Media

-Building your brand - in a way which is fun, creative and unique to you. 

-Your mental approach (setting up a business can be hard and lonely! There are ways you can combat this) 

 -Marketing - getting yourself known to the world!

-Equipment -( notice i am a CANON user)

 -Digital photography Technique & style

-Post production

-Composition, location, colour & tone of Voice

- Working with natural light

-Working with clients models & couples

-Setting up editorial shoots

-Getting published



Courses available & your investment 

Y O U R   B E S P O K E    C O U R S E

in my courses You'll find us in a lovely cafe or lounge with Wifi, going over your website, and following a programme which I have planned from our email consultation. 


You have 4 options: 

2 Day bespoke course 2 very unique & intensive days with Katie, perfect for those just starting out in their career for everything A-Z of all the points covered above & what it means to be a photographer and artist growing a successful business. This course is there if you are looking for a complete overhaul to your business and your work.  It is an intensive session where we work to bring out the best in you, and here I actually have the time to do it! I want you to be open to forward thinking and ready to take on new ways of  approaching your work and business so you walk away with confidence and direction. Includes model hire.

Hired model included.  £850 


HOURS - this will give us a full day to go over an A-Z list of things you want to cover in depth. whether you are already professional or starting out this is a great way to spend a training sesson tailored to your needs. We can cover a lot of ground in this time and there is also the opportunity to hire a model and to have part of the session as a practical. Model hire for this course is complimentary if you want it  - £495


3 HOURS  - this session is great if you want to sit down and go through a couple of specific areas you want help in. I will be your open book for half a day and there is enough time to include a model session - £349


2HOURS -  this session is great if you want to sit down and go through a couple of specific areas you want help in.  £295


If you want to split your session with a fellow photographer, you may of course do that, but you will compromise the amount that we get done in the session. This can work well if you choose to do a practical session.

I will be taking students in LONDON and LEICESTERSHIRE.  

I am also holding 1 day workshops. The next one is on the 10th November 2013. 

 If you are interested, Please apply on my CONTACT page HERE with a paragraph about you &  why you want a session with me, (or a few!) what you want to work on, with a link to your portfolio & website if you have one. I will then send you my pricing guide.