P R I C I N G    G U I D E



My Approach

If your reading this then you are most likely drawn to my fine art style with its luminous colours, soft light, and warm tones. I am so pleased you have found me and I feel so honoured to be sharing such special moments with so many lovely couples.


Ive been told that I work too hard, but I love my job, and I love getting to know the people who hire me because they tend to be such lovely, and usually creative people! Please take some time to read about my approach as it is exactly that which makes it possible to create the images I do.


I live for the luminous light, soft colours and warm tones in my images. I stay true to this always. When you hire me you are choosing to hire an artist to tell your story. I am not a business woman, nor am I a photographer who rolls out wedding after wedding. I take on only a very limited amount of weddings per year as I choose to take on less so I can give more. I have always believed in quality over quantity! That way, you wont be compromised on anything. 


People often ask me how I create the images I do. One thing I always say is it is just as important what you shoot, where & when you shoot  as to how you shoot it. As a result, location & timing are both crucial. This is why I take a consultative approach. I value quality over quantity and in order to achieve the style which you have seen in my previous work I will help advise you on your colour palette for great light reflecting colours (rather than colours which can suck the light out of your images) and your schedule. This process is vital to making your images look incredible.


My skills from working with women over the years has benefitted me when working with my brides. I know you want to look and feel beautiful, and I want nothing more than to capture you at your most radiant. That means so much to me.


I am always available to chat further about your wedding. I would love to know everything from the details and styling to the location and number of guests attending. 

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