W O R K S H O P S   


by Katie Julia 


I will be hosting a series of 1 day workshops at this beautiful location...  


here is a taster of whats to come! 

Whether you are just starting out, or you are already working but have met a block , or you just want to come to further your knowledge and build your portfolio, we are open to everyone.



K A T I E  


Katie is an international photographer specialising in women. Also Known as 'The Womans Photographer' Katie's business was the first of its kind, working with women in a concentrated bespoke way soon led to bigger commissions from large organisation commercial work to weddings abroad in stunning locations. Katie has worked with top photographers from around the world and uses her knowledge to share with her  growing following.   Her creative use of social media, network marketing and consistency in her signature style has been key for her business growth and she wants to share her methods with talented individuals who want some guidance and help in specific areas. 




These workshops are a chance for us to spend time touching on what it is to be an artist and build your business successfully in our ever changing world. There is something to be said for being forward thinking because when some things seem a million miles away, such as having an international business and brand which people recognise, sometimes a little guidance can help move mountains.


I don't just want to inspire you with the beautiful locations on my workshops, I want you to be informed about your next steps, I want to boost your confidence and let you leave with a whole new understanding of how things could work for you, both in business and in technique. Im here to show you how I have used natural light to work for me to achieve soft results and how I approach working with clients on shoot. We also want to work on how to get yourself out there into the world, and a help guide you on your approach. 


 I want to see you build your brand, and deliver the creative results you strive for with your photography and your business. Discover your path, set your goals and achieve them! 


   Most artists struggle with the business side as we are too busy thinking creatively, but here I want to show you how you can be creative with your business and build a brand which really defines who you are, what your about and ultimately inspires you aswell as others around you. I will touch on aspects of my business, what has worked for me and how I aimed at a higher end market and found clients I connected with. I will also be organising a beautiful styled shoot to help boost your portfolio and test out some of your newly acquired skills. I will also be talking about techniques which I have discovered to work for me from using both lighting, composition, colour and I will also touch on post production.  


I hope that you will spend time laughing, studying, making friends and above all know that you can achieve your goals. I want you to believe in you, and what you have set out to do and I hope this training will help you know what action to take to get there.


We will have both classroom and practical shooting time. We will be creating something beautiful!

WINTER WORKSHOP 2013 booking details

1st course is Sunday November 10th in Camridgeshire.  Investment £249 plus a £38 booking fee (unless you pay the full amount on booking)

to book a place please email Katie or send a message on the CONTACT page HERE